Hearing Aids: Do People Seem To Mumble? Or Tell You To Turn Down The TV?

I never liked my double chin. I would stand in front of the mirror and jiggle it. I lost weight, exercised and tried creams and all kinds of other junk to get rid of it. The place under my chin seemed to be a natural repository for fat. I could not do anything about it at all. That is until someone told me about Kybella in Denver. You get these injections, and the fat disappears under your chin. No liposuction! I really liked not having to have any surgery, and liposuction is a form of surgery. Kybella is just injections that get rid of fat.

The guys in my family all have a double chin. Overall, our faces are angular and look rugged except for the chin fat. That makes us look like pudgy boys. I never liked that look. I work out and am at a proper weight, but I still had the double chin. The Kybella in Denver fixed me right up. I had to have a few treatments, then my double chin was gone! It was kind of pronounced on me. At least from my perspective. I have plenty of before pictures going back to when I was a child. The after pictures make me look like a different man.

I got rid of the double chin and traded in my eyeglasses for contacts. I ended up with a promotion I tried for three times, and I feel a lot more confident. I actually think it is sad that we put so much on how people look. However, I cannot fight how others look at people. I can only do something about how I really want to look. This is why I eat right and work out. I want to look a certain way, and part of that was not having the chin fat.